We are ALL recovering from something, or someone, from somewhere - Amy C.


“Admitting that your child has a problem is such a painful and difficult step.  The decisions that follow are even more difficult.  I could not have made it through the process of getting my child's help had it not been for the guidance and assistance of Amy Cooper.  Her knowledge of facilities, providers, insurance plans, treatment needs, etc. is endless.  There is no way I would have known whom to call or where to begin.  She facilitated it all for me before we ever approached my child with the plan.  Once we spoke to my child, the plan was already in place and it made it much more likely that he would follow through.  He didn’t have time to back out while I made arrangements because they had already been made.  She assisted us with how to approach the subject of getting help and was there every moment as we all cried and faced the fact that he needed outside help, more than I could give him as his mom no matter how much I love him.  She fielded his tough questions. She redirected his anger and disbelief. She got him to realize that his path was destructive and admit that he needed help.  He is doing amazingly well.  He is back to being the sweet, loving child that I knew before he went down that path of poor choices.  Please do not try to do this on your own.  It will only be more difficult, and I would even venture to say that your results are not likely to be as good as they can be with her assistance.  Let her take the load off of you and do the heavy lifting so you can just support and love your child or loved one as they make the decision to get healthy.“